Invest in the Nursery Industry through a CANGC Membership

Membership Has Privileges
As your industry association, CANGC advocates on your behalf to enhance business opportunities and deliver value to your company. CANGC engages on regulatory affairs and legislation with the potential to impact you: water restrictions, pest regulations, labor laws, and other issues that you may not hear about because they were addressed by CANGC. With your support, CANGC’s voice is amplified, making our efforts even more effective.

General Member Benefits

Federal Advocacy

CANGC collaborates with AmericanHort on national issues of importance to the nursery industry. AmericanHort’s Lighthouse Program helps CANGC members actively engage their local representatives and provides the messaging and platform to effectively influence both Members of Congress and other federal officials.

State Advocacy

Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP’s George Soares, Louie Brown and  Lauren Noland-Hajik ensure that CANGC members are heard in the halls of the California legislature and in the offices of state regulators. CANGC’s legislative and regulatory affairs team in coordination with our state and federal legislative advocates, reviews, monitors and takes action on government actions affecting the industry.

CANGC holds a monthly legislative update on the third Thursday of the month covering state and federal issues impacting the nursery industry. If you would like to receive details on monthly calls please email

CA GROWN Brand Licensing

Complimentary use of the CA GROWN brand (after signing the user & license agreement) as a signatory member of CA GROWN’S $1.5 million promotional program (minimum $1,000 annual value).

Virtual Nursery Grower Marketplace

In 2015 CANGC received $267,963 in grant funding from CDFA to develop a virtual marketplace, the CA GROWN Nursery Marketplace to better connect California wholesale nursery growers and buyers. This marketplace will allow growers to share their plant availability and for buyers to search this inventory for specific plants. This tool is scheduled to launch in 2017 and will be available in English and Spanish.

California Certified Nursery Professional program (CCN Pro)

Since 1969, the California Certified Nursery Professional program (CCN Pro) has set the standards for solid, basic knowledge that every sales person should know in order to serve the gardening customer. Through a testing program in three areas — general knowledge, plant identification and landscape design that requires 70% minimum to pass each section, over 4,000 have been certified to date. If 50% of a nursery’s sales staff is certified, they qualify to become a Certified Garden Center.

Weekly e-newsletters

Subscribe to weekly email communications containing industry news and updates.

Networking and Sales Opportunities

Discounted and exclusive access to CANGC events including the CANGC Annual Convention, regional events, networking social hours and trade shows:

California Ag Day

Participation and representation at CDFA’s California Ag Day.

Pest Management and Pesticide Regulatory Networks

CANGC facilitates the growing and transportation of plant stock with manageable regulatory distractions related to pests including Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP), Huanglongbing (HLB), Light Brown Apple Month (LBAM), Glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS)

Plant California

Creation & management of, a $367,034 CDF grant funded online gardening resource to inspire and educate Californians to plant something, featuring a nursery locator, garden projects, tips, and workshops

Discounted advertising opportunities

Members receive 15% off advertising on and in the CANGC e-newsletter. Contact for more information.

Managing Your Business - Bankcard / Debit Card / Gift Card Program

Many members participate in this program. Take the time to at least get a bid and check it against what you are currently receiving. Contact Retriever Payment Systems for more information: Dan Tomerlin (800) 210-7101 or email Dan at

CANGC Risk Management Consultant Don Dressler

CANGC Risk Management Consultant Don Dressler is an attorney and works for you! He provides benefits such as Workers Compensation Coverage Analysis, Sexual Harassment Training and Heat Stress Training in English and Spanish, Employee Handbook Review, Employee Handbook Drafting, and General Consultation: Employment legal questions, wage and hour, discipline, benefit policies, termination problems, and discrimination issues. Call Don Dressler at (949) 533-3742 or email him

Collection Agency

More than 1,000 Green Industry companies are GreenFlag customers. How did they do it? By providing you a combination of affordability, results, and online tools that no other firm can match. They are dedicated to giving you the best solutions available for recovering bad debt and delinquent receivables. Call Pat Edgerton at (925) 212-3397.

Affiliate Discount Programs

American Nursery Credit Association (ANCA): ANCA is a member-based organization where members enjoy a unique credit rating service, devised by and limited to wholesale growers and suppliers, to facilitate industry commerce via a system of confidential reports. No need to send credit reference requests to your colleagues, simply login to the ANCA website and find out what you need to know. CANGC members not already members of ANCA, can join at a $50 discount. Renew and you’ll receive a $25 discount for your second year. To join, click here and mark “CANGC” in the “Referred By” line. For more information, visit or contact Angela Burkett at 717-724-0296 or