CCN PRO – Certification for Employees and Your Business

Since 1969, the California Certified Nursery Professional program has set the standards for solid, basic knowledge that every sales person should know in order to serve the gardening customer. Through a testing program in three areas — general knowledge, plant identification and landscape design that requires 70% minimum to pass each section, over 4,000 have been certified to date.

If 50% of a nursery’s sales staff is certified, they qualify to become a Certified Garden Center.

Continuing Education Units

The California Certified Nursery Professional (CCN Pro) Committee voted to reinstate Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to support CCNP certification. CCN Pros will be required to earn 12 CEUs per year effective with the 2014 membership year. CEUs can be earned in several ways.

As a thank you to CCN Pros who have completed twenty years as an active CCN Pro we are delighted to report that although we encourage all CCN Pros to continue to further their education, they will not be required to submit CEUs to keep their CCN Pro status current.

The link below will open a list of suggested ways to earn CEUs. Please call the CCN Pro office (916-448-3900) to request CEU approval for events not found in the following document.

Ways to Earn CEUs