CA GROWN Nursery Marketplace

CANGC is currently developing the CA GROWN Nursery Marketplace to better connect California’s wholesale nursery industry. The marketplace is a free online resource for all California nursery growers to reach more retail and landscape buyers in California and beyond. CANGC will be conducting outreach at key industry events in 2017 and 2018 to promote this new tool. You can pre-register your wholesale nursery in the marketplace by sending a spreadsheet of the plants you grow to

CANGC was awarded a Specialty Crop Block Grant to build an online marketplace for nursery growers to connecting growers of nursery crops with buyers in a bilingual, virtual marketplace. The project will create a web-based marketplace where growers of nursery crops can display their plant inventory and where buyers can source product by plant size, plant type, water use, and environmental suitability. To meet the growing population of Hispanic growers and buyers, the marketplace will allow Spanish users to navigate the site in Spanish.


Plant California is a CDFA grant funded online gardening resource. Plant California’s mission is to educate and inspire Californians to plant something. There are many reasons why planting is beneficial to you, your home and your community:

  • Adding plants to your landscape can make your home more valuable. Installing irrigation tools like drip irrigation and efficient watering timers can also improve the resale value.
  • Planting a few flowers, trees, and shrubs gives some color to your yard and has community-wide benefits, for humans and wildlife alike. California friendly plants attract birds and beneficial bugs, like butterflies.
  • Shade trees, which provide a natural heat buffer for your home, can reduce energy consumption for cooling by as much as 25%.
  • Plants are vital to a healthy ecosystem and air quality. Just one tree can scrub 26 pounds of CO2 from the air annually, and add essential oxygen.

Visit Plant California’s Learning Center to find garden tips which offer information on planting fundamentals like Healthy Soil and Irrigation: When & How Much to Water. How-to videos offer novice gardeners guidance on building low-cost garden projects like Patio Drip Irrigation and information on How to Be a Water Wise Gardener. Once inspired, Plant California helps gardeners to find a local nursery or garden center.


The California Nursery and Floral Industry: Economic Impacts and Trends

The California Nursery and Floral Industry: Economic Impacts and Trends by Hoy Carman, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis, California.


University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance (UCNFA)

Through the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP), CANGC has worked with the University of California Nursery and Floriculture Alliance (UCNFA) to create an online Best Management Practices Tool. In October of 2013, CDFA announced that CANGC’s 2013 proposal had been funded: “Inbound Marketing and Mobile Gardening Application.” This new project seeks to engage the next generation of gardeners by using mobile and inbound marketing techniques. This sort of effort is exactly why CANGC exists- to promote and protect the nursery industry. We look forward to engaging CANGC members through these grants so that together, we may support the entire industry.

The Florticulture Crops Summary of 2016

The Florticulture Crops Summary of 2016 by the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service.